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Long-term make-up training and seminars

10 day basic training - professional seminar

10 day basic training - professional seminar

You will be using your own tools during this 10-day training. This course of 75 obligatory hours of training in theory and practical application offers you the following skills:

  • how to pigment and shade eyebrows
  • how to sketch fine eyebrow hair
  • differentiating between lash line emphasis, light lid-liners and modelled eye liners in one or several colours
  • Lip forms: simple lip contours, lip shades, lip enlargement and reduction, lip-lights and cosmetic retouche
  • Upon your request: lifestyle skin decoration

The training begins with classes in theory including visagism (measuring technique), dermatology, hygiene, theory of colours and practical preparation of models. Instruction will be given on a step-by-step basis as the speed of progress is determined by the learners. Practical training takes place on models upon their previous agreement. In the event of time constraints a training group may be divided up. Training is offered on a one-to-one basis, in small groups or in-house at your studio.

Additional seminars and training courses

Additional seminars and training courses

  • Intensive courses designed for practicing permanent make-up specialists, with certificate, or 5-day courses for career break returners. Training content as outlined above.
  • short-term training upon proof of 1 year practical experience (minimum) with permanent make-up, training certificate. Minimum training time: 2 days
  • sketching technique of eyebrows – eyes – lips (lifestyle skin decoration upon request): 1 day
  • advanced training for career break returnees
  • one-day seminar for specialists switching to our tools and colours
  • training for professionals / follow-up training
    • eyebrows, form shading, measuring lines, hair technique,
    • eye training, punctiform emphasis of lash line, fine lid liners, eyeliner in one or several colours, modelling / shading
    • lip training, lip shapes, colour shades, corrections, full design, lip light
  • make-up seminars
  • anti-wrinkle injections
  • sales training
  • in-house training
  • Rates for models

    Rates for models

    You are willing to invest your time in our trainees by acting as a model? We offer you treatments at half the usual price.

    Basic training: 3500,- € net + VAT
    ntensive course 2900,- € net + VAT
    Short course 1500,- € net + VAT
    Drawing technique 350,- € net + VAT
    Advance training 590,- € net + VAT
    One day seminar 450,- € net + VAT
    Training for professionals 350,- € net + VAT
    In-house training: upon request

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