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Welcome to Haute Retouche

Would you also like to make your dream of lasting beauty come true?

After many years of practical experience and training others at home and abroad I am pleased to offer you a gentle long-term make-up by Haute Retouche that lasts several years. Extra emphasis will be given to the contours of your eyebrows, lids and lips extra emphasis, thereby drawing attention to your most special facial features. Your eyebrows will look fuller, your eyes more expressive and radiant, and your lips will look luscious and beautifully shaped even without any make-up.

We will be glad to give you free advice and provide you with individually sketched suggestions for your Haute Retouche contour make-up. Shapes and colours will be applied in keeping with your type and your requests. I look forward to welcoming you soon at Haute Retouche.

Annette Knauss

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Haute Retouche

Permanent Make UP Annette Knauß

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